Moving to a new place can be an exciting time, but moving in the winter is even more so! With fewer people moving and moving companies eager for business, there are many deals available. 

More people move in the summer months because of the warmer weather, and constraints of a school calendar, so moving companies have a higher volume of business during this time. That results in finding a rate that fits your budget and a moving company that will be available exactly when you need them. In contrast, moving companies have fewer customers to serve in the winter, which means you'll find better deals on quotes and services. 

Check out some of the additional benefits of moving in the winter months. 

Save Money

With fewer people moving in the colder months, moving companies that focus on residential customers are frequently more flexible with move dates and prices in order to fill their schedules. So if there's a deal on a moving company that catches your eye, now is definitely the time to use it! You can save big by waiting for the right moving season.

Cheaper Costs For Rent

Because fewer people are moving in the winter, landlords will be more willing to negotiate for lower rates. The same apartment can be one price in the summer and a much lower price in the winter. This could give you room in your budget to pay movers and moving companies when moving day comes.

Fewer Distractions

When moving in the summertime, there's always something going on outside your window or across town that can keep you up all night long. But when moving in the winter, this is less likely to happen. There are fewer distractions, events, and things to do in the winter— so moving at this time of year will give you more opportunities to focus on the important task at hand and stay organized.

Save Your Sweat

Unpacking boxes and arranging your new digs can work up quite a sweat, especially in the summertime. Save yourself the exertion that comes with the summer heat by moving in the winter during colder months. This is especially nice if your landlord pays for heat since you won’t rev up your electric bill by blasting your AC.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, moving into the location of your dreams, or just a temporary one, Alluel is uniquely equipped to help with your residential or commercial move. Check out our site to fill in your details and we’ll get you an accurate quote before you know it. Contact us today!