It’s simple enough to find a commercial moving company in NYC to help you move into a new
office or retail location. But there are certain things you should really look for to make your
moving day feel modern, simple, and stress-free.

Here are the factors you should consider when choosing the right mover for your commercial
move, and how to get a free quote today.

It’s all in the details

On the surface, all commercial moving companies perform the same service for you: they move your belongings from point A to point B, whether point A is an old office, a storage unit, or both.

But as with all things in life, the devil is in the details. Moving day isn’t just about moving boxes and furniture—it’s about entering a new space and having it feel like it’s your own. And there are a lot of minor details that make those first few days in your new office smooth.

Take for instance all those appliances that will be making the move with you. The last thing you want to deal with after a long moving day is plugging in the cords to the break room microwave, the coffee machine, lamps, extension cords... the list goes on. And that’s assuming the plugs are easy to find and get to.

When you’re choosing a commercial mover, choose one who takes care of those little details. You shouldn’t have to spend the afternoon assembling furniture or hanging curtains. Let your mover take care of those time-consuming and mind-numbing chores so you can spend your first few days simply settling in and getting to work.

We’ve moved into the 21st century

It might surprise you how many commercial moving companies in NYC are still operating like it’s
the 1990s. There are conveniences we’ve all come to expect in the modern world that is
surprisingly difficult to find in a mover—like tracking.

When it comes time to pick a commercial mover, choose one who holds themselves to modern
standards. When your belongings are on the move, you deserve to know precisely where they
are at all times. Alluel’s tracking technology lets you pinpoint your driver throughout the day and
see their progress along the way, along with their ETA to your new location.

Even if you’re not onsite during the move, you still deserve to keep an eye on the process. We
offer remote oversight, whether you’re outside of NYC or just want to practice social distancing.
During the move, we’ll set up an iPad on a tripod so you can watch the move in progress
wherever you are.

All in on storage

Maybe there are some items that aren’t quite ready to make the move into your new space. Some inventory that’s been tying up shelf space, or furniture that has sentimental value but no place in your new floorplan.

Whatever the case may be, our partnerships with storage facilities let you handle the entire storage process for you and your business. We offer everything from pickup and offloading to short- and long-term storage and logistics.

And if you need to access those items regularly while they’re in storage, we can help make your life a little easier. We can label, organize and systematize your products using inventory software and on-site logistics. Moving day is a great time to think about streamlining your business—and our storage services might just save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Go green on moving day

It’s hard enough to think about all the little things you’ll need to do before moving. It’s even
harder to think about the bigger picture, like the environmental impact of moving your
belongings across NYC and beyond.

Alluel is a commercial moving company built on sustainability. We use as many reusable
materials as possible during each move, and we have relationships with recycling facilities
across New York to responsibly tackle waste removal jobs.

We’re even thinking about the planet when we’re on the road with our belongings. Our fleet
includes trucks and sprinter vans that meet the most modern emission standards. Once we
know the size of your move, we’ll choose the most efficient vehicle for the job.

Let your mover tackle the dirty work

With your eyes set on your new space, it’s understandable that some of the nitty-gritty details of
moving out of your old space aren’t top of mind. It’s hard enough to make sure nothing gets left
behind in the move—but what about the things that you know aren’t coming with you?

Rubbish and recycling are two key factors in any move, whether you’re just moving inventory
into a storage unit or you’re setting up shop in a new location. Alluel separates your trash from
your recyclables, and can even haul it all away for you. We have relationships with recycling and
trash facilities city-wide.
And what about that safety deposit you put down months or years ago? Lean on Alluel to get it back for you. We’ll take care of the finer details so you can put your old space in the rear-view mirror and focus on the future. 
Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, moving into the location of your dreams or just a temporary one, Alluel is uniquely equipped to help with your commercial move. Send us some quick information and we’ll get you a quote before you know it. Get your quote here.