Hire an Elite Moving Company

In a perfect world, you would have an ample amount of time to prepare for a move. Moving is a process rife with tiny details and too many individual tasks, and three or four weeks, at minimum, is generally preferred for doing it right...well, stress-free. But in the real world, life comes at you from a weird angle going 90 miles per hour, and so does a last-minute move.

The only question you have time for is, “Do I hire a moving company or DIY?” Okay. Cool. Say your answer is DIY. Now, what you thought was a quick move in the right direction brought you to another fork in the road with more obstacles. Now, you are inundated with coordinating packing supplies, finding generous people to help you, and vehicles large enough to haul your belongings. Well, shoot, what about your valuables? Do you know how to pack them so they won’t break? That family heirloom? Don’t even get us started on the fact that you now have to fit all the moving activities into your already tight timeline; if that’s doable, fantastic. Then you can move on to planning and packing.

Pendulums swing two ways, let’s say you are on the other side. You’re a mom, who is the master calendar of everyone’s hectic schedules. If thinking about the tasks above gives you a lump in your throat, you’ve landed on the right page. Hi. Hey. How are you? We’re Alluel, your elite moving service in the NYC area. We can help you coordinate a quick turnaround move and you don’t even have to sweat. We treat your belongings like our own and your great Nana’s storage chest is more than safe with our experienced movers.

Okay, so now that that is settled, here is a list of priorities that you should contemplate on your quick move

Get rid of the things that you don’t need

Now that you’ve hired Alluel to do the heavy lifting and coordination, it’s time to declutter. What brings you joy? What needs to go? If you haven’t even looked at it in the last 12 months, sell or donate it. 

Put together your “essentials go bag”

Before you move on to anything else, set aside a suitcase or duffle bag and fill it with the essentials that you can afford to misplace or break during the ensuing chaos. This includes any medications and important documents you have, chargers, day-to-day toiletries, and maybe a couple of changes of clothes. You won’t want to try and find clothes to wear in a dozen boxes when you arrive in your new home. Once you have packed your essentials, it’s time for the biggest task, packing.

Don’t think, pack room-by-room

If you hired Alluel to pack for you, happily jump, skip and smile to the final priority to consider. If you are still thinking about DIY, then let’s talk about packing. Start packing room-by-room so it’s not only easier to digest, but when you unpack, you will know where everything is because it’s in the same spot as your old home.

Call Alluel

If you made it this far and you still haven’t answered the question, “Hire an elite moving company or DIY,” then here is your sign. ASK FOR HELP. Any extra hands on deck will make your move seamless and stress-free. Whether you have ample time to plan a move or a mere amount of days to coordinate, Alluel is on your side. Call us today to get a plan in motion. Why? Because you are worth the investment.